About Us

Company Background

WSLI is a company proudly owned and managed by male siblings who were developed and honed by their maritime academic background and hands-on experience in varied types of conventional and offshore support vessels. 

The onboard experience furthered their knowledge and skills in different systems, processes, and procedures for safe and efficient ship operations. After several years of successful business operation, the company gained its momentum and decided to expand its services. 

International Language and Culture Academy and Maritime Training Center of the Philippines was established. This newly established entity aimed at providing knowledge and skills to Filipino seafarers on different Languages and Culture of current and future clients.

 With increasing demands for Filipino seafarers worldwide, it was a germane idea of the youngest sibling who saw the opportunity to establish own manning agency.  With the able assistance and support from elder siblings, WSLI came into life. ICP as it is commonly called, also provides maritime training.  

True enough to its core objectives, this training institution has helped a lot of Filipino seafarers gain foundational knowledge in client's language as well as familiarity in their culture. Preparedness for maritime technical skills was also taught based on the existing requirement of client at a given time. 

Our Mission

 WSLI champions the growth and development of Filipino seafarers. Its mission is to:

  1. Build and sustain job and career opportunities for Filipino seafarers
  2. Create an environment that will encourage continuous personal and career growth of Filipino seafarers to achieve high performance and productivity in the job
  3. Ensure at all times compliance to clients' standards of onboard practice by equipping Filipino seafarers with knowledge, attitude, skills, and habits through training
  4. Develop and implement innovative policies and programs that will secure the future of Filipino seafarers and their families
  5. Ensure collaborative effort between WSLI and its clients to ensure safety, fairness, respect, and care for well-being of Filipino seafarers

Our Vision

          A globally recognized manning agency in the maritime industry which provides highly competitive Filipino seafarers through sustainable practice of effective sourcing, selecting, hiring, learning and development, retention, and deployment strategies that anticipate, meet, and exceed the needs of our clients. 

Our Cores Values

  1. Professionalism
  2. Integrity
  3. Customer Services
  4. Reliability
  5. Transparency
  6. Commitment