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 TANKER, LCT, TUG AND BARGE FOR LONG TERM TIME CHARTER !!!   URGENT HIRING!!! for MASTER (Plain Basic or Advance), CHIEFMATE (with Basic or Advance DP), 2NDMATE, CHIEF ENGINEER, 2ND ENGINEER AND 3RD ENGINEER, FITTER, WELDER, RIGGER, ROUGHNECK, SCAFFOLDING FOR OFFSHORE VESSELS!!!!! as of November 2014.  Welcome To Widesea Marine Services & Shipping Lines, Inc.                                                                         We are Currently on-going ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems Certification                                           

WIDESEA Marine Services & Shipping Lines, Inc. (WSLI) is a Manning Industry on Offshore Shipping as a Service Oriented on supplying highly skilled DPO's, Senior Officers of AHT/Pipe-laying, Towing Supply Masters and Engineers demanded by most respected Foreign Principals.

Widesea Marine Services and Shipping Lines, Inc. is duly Licensed and Accredited by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) with License Number: POEA-347-SB-060413-R-MLC.

(WSLI) is a company proudly owned by seafaring brothers, honed by their onboard experiences and exposed on different management levels.

The Dynamic Bros whose expertise dwelt on their heart the dedications for the advancement of Filipino Deck & Engine Officers and Ratings to invest forward towards technological advancement and become prime mover among Asia's Offshore skilled workers.

WSLI will exist to safeguard the general interest of the seafaring world and is committed to Train and Well Manage its crew to be capable to operate modern and technically highly sophisticated ships. Has the respect for the individual development for a worthwhile and rewarding career as a Navigating Officer and Respected Engineers as well as Electro-Technical officer on their respected field.



To be of long service to the fellow Filipino Seafarers in the fields of their expertise as demanded by our devoted customers and be abreast of the international standards so that they may perform their duties with full competence.

To sustain training-oriented crew not for competition with other manning agencies but a challenge to keep up and maintain that level of proficiency to man wide variety of ships on different types and tonnages, so as to be able to protect the environment as what we practice while serving each of our own vessel as seafarer as well.

The company will impart these visions to its employees as :
1. Responsible
2. Reliable
3. Friendly


                           "WE ARE EXCLUSIVE IN OFFSHORE CREWING"



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